What this blog is about...

This blog--Coming of Age in the Aquarian--has evolved into monthly reports of the new Moon/full Moon cycle for the upcoming month. These reports are usually published at the time of the current new Moon.

Charts are published with the monthly post and they're in the form of PDF files for you to download. There are two charts each for the new and full moons and two charts that show the relationship between the new or full moon to the U.S.'s natal chart. To see why I use the U.S. chart that has Scorpio rising, take a look at this article at Neptune Cafe.

Every three months calendars with astrological information are published, also for download.

My main purpose with this blog is to give you, the reader, information you will find useful in the coming month, particularly if you study or want to learn astrology. There is some interpretation of the charts included and references to interesting articles that relate to the current cycle or aspects in it.

Astrology is closely related to the sign Aquarius and many astrologers have Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, strongly placed in their charts.

2014 Moon Cycle 11

image: cycle 11 new Moon chart

This cycle begins with the Sun and new Moon at 0° Scorpio 25′ and comes to fruition with the full Moon at 14° Taurus 26′.

Scorpio--a sign ruled by Mars and Pluto--is considered by many a dual sign. When the sign's lower nature is activated, its representative scorpion may act with cunning, willfulness, and sometimes spite. Its higher nature is represented by the eagle, showing courage, clear vision, and power (CafeAstrology).
With the Moon in Scorpio people, especially women, seek out emotional intensity and may be seen as drama queens. But a talent for sensing the truth of a matter or a person may also show up.

Each new Moon indicates the start of a new cycle with promise of new opportunities. It's a time to try out new or different directions. This is a good time for non-Scorpio people to look beyond appearances and work on seeing what's at the heart of a matter. About Scorpio people, Cafe Astrology says,

[They aren't] afraid of getting their hands (their bodies, their minds) dirty. The darker side of life intrigues them, and they're always ready to investigate.

There will be a partial solar eclipse at the new Moon. Pat at Real Astrologers discusses this eclipse and what she has to say is very interesting.

At the beginning of October on the 8th, there was a total lunar eclipse, coinciding with the full Moon in Aries. The effects of this eclipse may be delayed up to 6 months. For a summary of the news on that day, take a look at "10 things you need to know today: October 8, 2014" at The Week. These news items may be precursors or conclusions. For information about eclipses, I refer you to Cafe Astrology.