What this blog is about...

This blog--Coming of Age in the Aquarian--has evolved into monthly reports of the new Moon/full Moon cycle for the upcoming month. These reports are usually published at the time of the current new Moon.

Charts are published with the monthly post and they're in the form of PDF files for you to download. There are two charts each for the new and full moons and two charts that show the relationship between the new or full moon to the U.S.'s natal chart. To see why I use the U.S. chart that has Scorpio rising, take a look at this article at Neptune Cafe.

Every three months calendars with astrological information are published, also for download.

My main purpose with this blog is to give you, the reader, information you will find useful in the coming month, particularly if you study or want to learn astrology. There is some interpretation of the charts included and references to interesting articles that relate to the current cycle or aspects in it.

Astrology is closely related to the sign Aquarius and many astrologers have Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, strongly placed in their charts.

2014 Moon Cycle 12

image: cycle 12 new Moon chart

This cycle begins with the Sun and new Moon at 0° Sagittarius 07′ and comes to fruition with the full Moon at 14° Gemini 18′.

This is the second month in a row that the new Moon has been at 0° of a new sign; next cycle the Sun and Moon will be conjunct the galactice center (0° Capricorn) and coincide with the winter ingress/solstice. While traditional astrology places emphasis on just the 0° positions of cardinal signs--Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn--it seems to me that any time an astrological event, such as the new Moon, takes place before the celestial body has actually established itself in the sign, a time of transition is indicated. Further, the Moon being essentially dark, that is not reflecting the light of the Sun, and signifying the beginning of something, matters being indicated are not yet made real. What I'm saying is--don't expect much to be evident at the new Moon; things will begin popping about 4 days before the full Moon.

With the Sun and Moon just about to enter Sagittarius and not yet there, the ruler of the sign has extra power over events being shaped. That ruler is Jupiter, currently in Aries. By nature Jupiter is an explorer, thinker of big ideas, and often considered lucky. Being in Aries emphasizes Jupiter's fiery nature and urges him and those he influences to action. Currently Jupiter is square Saturn in Scorpio. When these two are square a conflict is indicated, due to Jupiter's action being expansion and Saturn's being contraction. Saturn in turn is caught in an out-of-sign conjunct with the Sun, and Moon. While this brightens and softens Saturn's expression, it also darkens and restricts the actions of Sun and Moon. Accoding to Munkasey in Midpoints, Midpoints, Unleashing the Power of the Planets (ACS Publications, 1991):


  • Thesis

    The serious side of justice and the law; processes concerning checks and balances; changes in the governmental, religious, or social orders; an expansion within the rocks in the ground; repression based on morality instituted by law or religion.

  • Anti

    Too many restrictions on the operation of justice; a judicial system at its breaking point; pessimism about the ability of the police to control lawbreakers; leniency and harshness vie for balance within the overall social and economic systems

  • Sun's influence

    Dreaming of a potential for actuality; feeling that you can positively influence social change; boasting a lot; an increase in self-pride and your ability to demonstrate positive leadership before others.

  • Moon influence

    Planning for cyclical ups and downs; extending influence over business or social activities involving the public; a tendency to overestimate your remaining personal inventory or commodities reserve.

Each new Moon indicates the start of a new cycle with promise of new opportunities. It's a time to begin planning activities in new or different directions, a pursuit well-suited for Sagittarius. Taking a trip, learning something new, and finding like-minded people are all things to consider at this time.